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In no case will any of these functions result in a divide by zero error.

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If the divisor of a ratio is 0, then results will be undefined. Returns an angle whose sine is asin man.

The range of values returned by this function is [0, PI]. The signs of x and y are used to asin man what quadrant the angle is in.

The range of values returned by this function is [-PI, PI]. Results are undefined if asin man and y are both 0.

These all operate component-wise. The description is per component.

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Function Documentation genType glm:: Arc cosine. Template Parameters genType Floating-point scalar or vector types.

Arc hyperbolic cosine; returns the non-negative inverse of cosh. Arc sine.

Arc hyperbolic sine; returns the inverse of sinh. Arc tangent.

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Arc hyperbolic tangent; returns the inverse of tanh. The asin man trigonometric cosine function. The values returned by this function will range from [-1, 1].

Converts radians to degrees and returns the result. Converts degrees to radians and returns the result.

The standard trigonometric sine function. The standard trigonometric tangent function.

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