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Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. In order to properly view letters from the Czech alphabet it is necessary to set your browser to Central European languages ISO.

Hello and welcome to our new Czech language programme in which we'll look at the Czech language from head to toe. Now let me explain.

We are not going to naked girls fuckin the vocabulary connected with body parts - that would be too simple.

Instead, we will look at how the Czech language uses parts of czech women feet human body to create phrases and idioms. I am sure czech women feet language is full of them - just look at a few in English: Czech is n-o exception in this respect and with some body parts, such as legs, for example, I could count more than two dozen idioms or fixed expressions.

These will be in our focus during this new Czech language course. We will start next week with czech women feet and proceed all the way to the "toe" during the following weeks.

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Speaking of this very idiom - "from head to toe" - why don't we take a closer look at it right czech women feet. It is not as simple to translate as it. Matthew is a lesbian clubs raleigh nc from New York. He has been living in the Czech Republic for several years and still finds the language puzzling.

For example the fact that there is no special word for "toe" You have thirty-seven cases for czech women feet noun and adjective and you have foot-fingers?

Czech from head to "foot-finger" | Radio Prague

Somebody is walking around limping and they say I hurt my finger? Which, when I carry it forward, czech women feet your ankle is your "foot-wrist", your knee is your "foot-elbow" and your hip is your "foot-shoulder" and I don't know where it meets.

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But it's a great language. So there you go, there is no special word for toe and that's why the idiom in Czech goes "from head to heel" or czech women feet hlavy k pate.

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And don't worry, it's not thirty-seven cases as Matthew said, but only seven. That's all for czech women feet but as I said we'll be back next week czech women feet the first handful of idioms using the word head or hlava.

Until then wpmen can try and find how many of them you can count in your mother tongue. Thanks for listening and tune in again.

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See also Living Czech. The regular event is organised by the….

How has the Czech language developed over the past four decades? What geet do we czech women feet from other languages and which words…. CBA analysis: Czech housing prices may have peaked, but not in central Prague.

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Why are Czech women feet students less happy to be back in school than their global peers? MENU Toggle navigation. Related articles. Prague conference highlights importance of teaching Czech children abroad about their roots This week Prague has been hosting the 11th International Conference of Czech Schools Abroad.

Czechs czech women feet to widen vocabulary How has the Czech language developed over feett past four decades?

More from Radio Prague. Or why barrel organs are a grind in a good way. Most Popular. The Czechoslovak occultist plot to kill Hitler by magic. Czechs renting homes spend czech women feet than homeowners.

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