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Definition cougar older woman I Am Ready Sex Chat

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Definition cougar older woman

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Use cougar in a sentence. An example of a cougar is Demi Moore who, for many cougr, was married to Ashton Kutcher who was several years younger than Demi.

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“Cougars” are popularly defined as women in their 40s (or older) who date significantly younger men, generally at a year age gap or more. Simply put, a cougar is an older woman who seeks a relationship or sex with significantly younger men. “cougar” is a term for an older woman who prefers to date younger men. Other experts have expanded the definition to include older women.

People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. This is a cougar.

Definition cougar older woman Wants Sex

Definition cougar older woman woman could be called a cougar. A cougar is defined as a large powerful tan colored cat with a slender body and long tail. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this escorts athens georgia. MLA Style "Cougar.

In YourDictionary. Retrieved from https: Powered by Bibliography. All rights reserved.

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Felis concolor chiefly of mountainous regions of the Americas, having an unmarked tawny body and a long tail. Also called catamount. Also called cougra cat.

Also called mountain lion. Also called panther. Also called puma.

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Also called Also called regionally painter. Slang A woman, especially one over 30, who romantically pursues or attracts younger men.

Urban Dictionary: Cougar

Noun plural cougars A mountain lion; Puma concolor. A cougar approached Warren at the Palomino Club and asked for a dance. English Wiktionary. Home Dictionary Definitions cougar.

Cougar (slang) - Wikipedia

Sentence Examples. Related History of American Slang Words.

Proper English Versus Slang. Also Mentioned In. Panther Painter. Join YourDictionary today.