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Posted by Sean L.

Did you know you could submit a writing packet to Saturday Night Live right this very minute? Yes, you!

My friends tipped me off to this site that welcomes writing submissions for SNL until July 15, If you can meet the Do you want to submit 15 deadline and submit 3 to 5 sketches which includes one commercial parody, one topical sketch, and whatever else represents your best workthen go for it.

NBCUniversal wants you to cast the sketches, too, using the first names of active SNL cast members and any potential hosts, and combine all girls do it writing samples into a single PDF file for submission purposes.

Still interested?

do you want to submit I declare that all of the important features and elements of the Submitted Material are summarized on the second page of this form and any of its attachments or enclosures, and that I have disclosed no other important features or elements to you.

I warrant that I have doo created the Submitted Material and that the Submitted Material is free from all claims or encumbrances and that no one else to my knowledge has any right to it.

I believe the Submitted Material and its features and elements to be unique and novel. However, I recognize that other persons, including your own employees, may have submitted to you or others, or made public, or may in the future create and submit, do you want to submit make public, similar or identical material that you may have the right to use, and I understand that I will not be entitled to any compensation because of your use of other similar or identical material.

I understand and agree dp your use of do you want to submit containing features or elements similar or identical to those contained in the Submitted Material will not obligate you to negotiate with me or entitle me to any compensation if you have an independent legal right to use that other material for example, because the features or elements are not new wwant novel, were not originated by me, or were or may hereafter be independently created and submitted by other persons, including your employees.

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