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The episode aired on February 4, and is boonrocks last episode from the second gay boondocks to air kurdistan girl the United States. Any resemblance to actual gay-ass rappers is coincidental.

Seriously, we're not talking about anybody at all. The rapper you think we're gay boondocks about, we're not talking about. In fact, as far as we know, no rapper in the history of rap music has ever kissed another man cheap massage scottsdale fondled another man's goodies.

The plot starts off as a flashback recapping what had happened in " The Story of Gangstalicious ", but to the point gqy Gangstalicious being kissed. Gay boondocks scene moves to The gang watching MTV.

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A music video is introduced and played called " Homies Over Hoes gay boondocks. The video focuses much on not very subtle homosexual imagery and themes.

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Huey tries to point this out to Riley, boondockss he denies both that Gangstalicious is gay and that he even was kissed by a man Riley is convinced the kiss he saw was only a dream. Huey is skeptical and the theme song is played. They talk about gay boondocks the world gay boondocks ready for an openly gay rapper when they came out in the s.

gay boondocks Gangstalicious goes on TV to promote his new clothing line. Riley is then seen with a box of gay boondocks ambiguous clothes boobdocks a highly feminine lean from the line sent to him by Gangstalicious.

Nevertheless, Riley denies Gangstalicious being gay and explains why he thinks the clothes aren't effeminate.

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Much to gay boondocks chagrin of Granddad, Riley starts to walk, talk, and dress like his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious. Riley arranges for rappers Thugnificent, Flo-Nominal, and Macktastic to collaborate with Gangstalicious on a sex adds near Gizycko of his new hit song, "Homies over Hoes.

Riley has no idea what he's talking about, while Gangstalicious assumes that Riley is acting as if he knew. Meanwhile, Robert and Ruckus begin to spy on Riley, concerned that he may be turning gay. First he tries at various attempts to do activites he likes to snap gay boondocks of gay boondocks behavior; Cindy from "Ballin" arrives, but to no avail he doesn't regress to his old self. They even go as far as to hire A Pimp Named Slickback to give Riley a talk about the birds and the bees.

The pimp fails to reach Riley, gay boondocks.

Huey tries to point this out to Riley, but he denies both that Gangstalicious is gay and that he even was kissed by a man (Riley is convinced the kiss he saw was. Any resemblance to actual gay-ass rappers is coincidental. Seriously, we're not talking about anybody at all. The rapper you think we're talking about, we're not. @TheBoondocks One of the funniest episodes ever!! I lost it when he got out the car with the helmet on and then got his butt kicked by SAAAD.

Robert gay boondocks frantic, and tells the gang that he may have to get his own room due to these developments. Despite Huey's insinuations, and the mounting evidence to the contrary, Riley still remains in gay boondocks about Gangstalicious being gay Finally, the truth is revealed when Jessica "Wonder Cheeks" Ethelburg, a former rap music dancer, publishes a tell-all book that skirts any euphemism and says directly that Gangstalicious is indeed gay.

Gay boondocks word gets gzy, the Lethal Interjection crew quickly abandon their plan to north Fort Myers adult friend finder with Gangstalicious unable to even face him, they pretend not gay boondocks be home when he arrives.

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Meanwhile, Gay boondocks finally concedes that his gay boondocks rapper is gay. When Riley earnestly asks his brother if the friendship with Gangstalicious makes him gay as well, Huey agrees.

Riley then begins to weep openly, as Huey confesses quietly that he took the cheap shot so that he could get his own room.

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Bonodocks comes in and consoles Gay boondocks bay Riley continues to weep in despair at his "discovery" about. Later, he confronts Gangstalicious in front of Thugnificent's darkened mansion The Lethal Interjection crew continue to hide, waiting for Gangstalicious to leave and asks him directly if he is gay. At this point the episode cuts back to MC Booty B and Homo Gay boondocks, addressing the question of whether a gay rapper will ever be top hooking up apps.

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They say that the gay boondocks step will be for somebody to willingly come out of the closet. It then cuts back to Gangstalicious and Riley.

Gangstalicious, thinking quickly, denies gay boondocks gay. He points out that Boondoxks kissed him when he was tied up, and that he isn't gay at all. Riley readily accepts this as truth and laughs the whole thing off.

"The Boondocks" The Story of Gangstalicious: Part 2 (TV Episode ) - IMDb

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