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How to write the date in spanish with the year Seeking Man

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How to write the date in spanish with the year

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Note that in Spanish the name of the month isn't capitalized. You can vate spell out the number — as in " cinco de enero de " — but this is less common than using a numeral in the example.

However, in parts of Latin America, especially in areas with U. Another important distinction is that in Spanish you should not imitate English by using ordinal forms such as " tercero de marzo" as a direct translation sex textchat free "third of March.

In numeral form, that's 1 oor a " 1 " followed by rwite " o ," not a degree sign. Less commonly, the form " 1ero " is used.

As in the examples below, dates are typically preceded by the definite article el in sentences. Epiphany is celebrated in Jan.

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The partial recount process began on May 3 and still continues. Since the yearwe celebrate the Day of the Engineer on July 1st.

In abbreviated form, Spanish typically follows a day-month-year pattern using a capitalized Roman numeral for the month. The units may be separated by spaces, slashes, or hyphens. Thus the abbreviated form of July 4,can be written in epanish ways: Common forms used for "B.

The equivalent of "A. This can be confusing if you are mixing between speakers of American English and Spanish, so it is often best to write it out, or to write an abbreviation for the month to be clear i. Years are spoken as normal numbers in Spanish.

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The English convention of saying the first two digits followed by the last two digits is not followed. So, is dos mil catorce and is mil novecientos noventa y nueve.

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