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How do you change your Home screen wallpaper, move apps around, create folders, and otherwise make it your own? Like this!. Want to customize and organize your iPhone or just keep your Home screen neat ? Rearrange apps in whatever order you want, but there can't be an empty. An Apple expert shows you how to quickly organize iPhone apps in alphabetical order without having to spend hours dragging apps all over.

Skip to content. Solve this problem using these creative ways to organize apps on your iPhone. Is this article useful?

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One comment Robert Fort. Feb 19, at 5: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Yeah!

Updated August 28, Instructions in this article apply to iOS 4 through iOS Order of apps on iphone rearrange the iPhone's screen apps: When the icon is in the place you want it, take your finger off the screen.

To create a new page: Tap and hold an app or folder until the screen shakes. Release the app so that it moves to the new page.

Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using Lifewire, you accept. For some people, default category names such as "Productivity," "Reference," and "Utilities" are too vague.

Instead, take a second to think about what you use your phone. Do you watch videos on YouTube? Listen to music?

Read the news? Labeling folders with verbs such as "watch," "play," and "learn" can help you jump to the app you're looking for infinitely faster.

An app icon's visual elements are specifically designed to be easily identified and memorable. Your mind associates colors much quicker than black and white name labels, and colors can help you navigate your phone faster.

The end result may be a smartphone with a rainbow color scheme, but you'll see that color filing in your app organization may make your life run a little more smoothly. If you order of apps on iphone comfort in an A-to-Z world, this method may be orded you.

Instead of manually alphabetizing your apps, here's an easier way to sort them on the iPhone:. The icons that came with your Apple phone will be placed into their default locations, and your other apps will be sorted alphabetically. Ipyone alphabetize iPhone apps you just order of apps on iphone to reset your Home Screen layout and let your iPhone arrange your long beach wa massage in alphabetical order by.

The trick also works to put apps in alphabetical order on iPad. This is oon you need to do to clean up your Home Screen and return everything to the default settings.

However, you can organize your apps on your iPhone based on the The apps can be organized further in order of the frequency of usage. I've been using the iPhone since I acquired the fantastic iPhone 4 I was never satisfied with my apps organization, and I bet I'm not the only. How do you change your Home screen wallpaper, move apps around, create folders, and otherwise make it your own? Like this!.

Afterwards you can organize apps on iPhone alphabetically.