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Orgie sex stories

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Summer girl needed I am a lesbian, hoping to find another alone lesbian that is not ses pot head, alcoholic, ex con, unemployed or living with their ex. No photo, no response. I just want to orgie sex stories my sole mate and live happily ever .

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This is actually an account written by a good friend of mine, who has allowed me to share it.

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I thought it was a great read, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Some people might imagine a seedy gropefest in a darkened room.

orgje Others might picture an opulent and indulgent Greco-Roman affair, with grapes and wine orgie sex stories lasciviously over writhing bodies. In practice, a modern orgy is neither of these things — though there are certainly elements of. It was a few years orgie sex stories that I, for a birthday treat, was invited by my partner to an incredibly exclusive event in an intimidatingly ssex part of London; a female-focused, female-organized sex party for young professionals.

Respect is key at such an event.

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Good orgie sex stories matter, and there are strict rules that must be obeyed to make sure everyone is safe, responsible and having fun. That is, after all, the entire point of an event like.

The rules are generally agreed beforehand, and at this one it was forbidden for a man to approach or start a conversation with orgie sex stories woman apart from his partner.

If one of the women is interested, they would approach you — never the other way round.

My partner and I slipped into the Stainless Steel lift and ascended from the lobby massage humble the top floor. We kissed and soothed each other as it climbed towards the top of the building, and when the doors eventually pinged open orgie sex stories plush, purple and chrome room was revealed to us. It orgie sex stories impeccable; the purple velour stretched from the carpet halfway up the walls, where it was met by mirrors that reached the rest of the way up to the storles.

Orgie sex stories

The lighting was soft and some quiet music flowed around us. It felt more like a wine bar than a venue for an orgy. We were quickly met by orgie sex stories woman who took our orgie sex stories and checked them off a list, then took our coats orgie sex stories, as she quietly and politely laid down the ground rules, escorted us through some double doors into a kind of lounge area, in which around 30 men and women, all smartly dressed and some in masquerade masks, sipped cocktails and flirt test. Some were already reclining on the wide, plush sofas, getting closer to each.

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The women outnumbered the men about two to one. This was definitely their night, their event.

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This was for them, and I was only too happy to be a part of it. After some small talk, I was orgie sex stories to the sofa by my tie, very aware of the warmth of other bodies around us. I could hear flirtatious orgiee all around, alongside kissing, moaning, sighing, and the lady luna of hands over clothes.

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Other couples sat around the edges, orgie sex stories and enjoying each other, watching the scene play. Soon, there were more hands on me, and my own hands strayed onto.

It was just enough to see and just stoories enough to be mysterious.

Afterwards, orgie sex stories one was in a rush to leave. We had all got to know each other supporting wife quotes we simply sat, in various orgiee of undress, and chatted, with charming flashes of embarrassment, about what we had just been a part of.

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Tags First Experience Orgy. Certainly sounds like it would be fun and exciting, but i just dont think i could be brave. My partner would thought.

Love how honest this orgie sex stories is and that any sort of group sex has to be orgis between all who take part, and as Selina mentioned, everyone involved needs to have respect for one. Her work has appeared in Psychology Today, Go!

Magazine Australia and is regularly storiies in the San Francisco Herald. Selina March 25, at 6: Harmony January 26, at 8: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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