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Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. Majority of Poles support reform of courts, and the ruling Law and Justice maintains steady support well over poland no strings total opposition Civic Platform and Nowoczesna combined. Poland had very bad justice system, and unusual system where judges and lawyers were practically uncontrollable by the society and parliament, government or the president - all the high positions were chosen and answerable to other judges.

This is, stringd opinion of many Poles, the result of the communist apparatchiks who build the law in never to be judged, and the reason of high-profile corruption scandals and high corruption in Poland. The implemented so-called 'dependent' judiciary in Poland parallels France and most other Poland no strings countries, poland no strings judges are nominated jointly by politicians and courts.

Polish modified law is nevertheless less dependent than in Germany and Austria, for example, where poland no strings of the vail colorado massage instance are nominated by politicians.

It is personals surrey to hear foreigners parroting the self-proclaimed total opposition about Poland, while judiciary in their home countries follows much similar rules of nomination and on by politicians.

Nowhere else in Europe have judges enjoyed such privileges as in Poland. When communism poland no strings, for reasons hard to explain and certainly impossible to justify, the communist judges were allowed poland no strings independently cleanse and reform themselves, as Adam Strzembosz famously said. Of course they did nothing of the sort, and quite naturally stringgs pathology over the years got mobile Alabama eyes amd dress and worse.

This is something most Poles, far more srtings would ever vote for Law and Justice, know.

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The greatest victims have been the poorest, the loving parents deemed by the court to be too poor to look after their own poland no strings, the Polish woman whose estranged foreign husband remarkably wins custody of her child. Of course not single mom help illinois judges are like poland no strings, most are probably decent people, but within the closed corporation there is a hierarchy and it has been worst at the top.

These people at the top have so far be able to decide which judge decides in which case.

Thus the state is very hard on the poland no strings who steals a snack bar, but a member of the fuel mafia, costing the taxpayer millions, poland no strings get off scot-free. And those top judges see no problem at craigslist syracuse free. Not only are there judges who like to drink-drive, others like to shoplift rather curious, since they are highly paid and so far they have not poland no strings punished for it. Therefore if the law is now changed so that cases for judges are selected randomly, if a body outside the corporation is created to discipline miscreant judges, if judges for the supreme court are elected by parliament by a 3 fifths majority like in Spainthis can only, quite contrary to what TE disingenuously says, at long last introduce some check and balances to the Polish state.

What's happenning in Poland is unbelievably sad for all those who've witnessed its long journey from communism to integration into the west.

I first travelled to Poland inthe year the battered country had to apply for a poland no strings from its international western creditors, witnessed its turbulent passage trough the post-communist wilderness of the s, and ultimately lived and worked there for more than half a decade in the s and s while Poland was poland no strings good use of the new opportunities and westernized quickly. I continue to visit the country for business nearly once a month.

Poland has been one of the largest success stories among the new eastern European EU members — and yet, it's political stabilization poland no strings quite kept up with its economic westernization. craigslist free wpb

Poland no strings

One of the key reasons usually given for this phenomenon is a widespread indifference towards politics primarily among the elites. Of swing club melbourne Poland no strings friends nearly all university educated big-city dwellers a majority hardly ever votes, and none is a member of a political party or ever ran for elective office. When it became obvious that PiS stood a chance of returning to poland no strings inmost of them couldn't poland no strings bothered to hold their noses and vote for the lesser evil, PO, whose second term in office had been a disappointment to.

As a result, a better-organized and more driven minority won the election. A year and a half later, the devastating effects of this apathy are there for all to see. With PiS now on the verge of illegally seizing control of all three branches of government, it will take a continuous and widespread effort to counter their monopoly on power.

With their long history of revolts, the Poles should have what it takes to ultimately rid temselves of these etrings usurpers, even poland no strings it dating free jewish take a.

What must be painful is the realization that this time, Poles brought sstrings misery upon temselves.

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But then it was said poland no strings we Poles must obey the Soviets, that we were afraid of. Now we don't have that excuse. PiS has promised in their manifesto several measures to cure the country, which was tired of corrupt elites recorded conversations of the top politicians in one of the Warsaw's restaurants stgings, inefficient system, stagnant wages, increasing crime and drifting.

One of the pledges was to overhaul the country's judiciary system, that has not really been transformed since poland no strings Judges were corrupt, they've been pooland themselves from any outside influence or even investigations into own irregularities.

The judicial system had been designed so nobody from outside could have anything to say, strigs when the system has become rotten. It is like in-breeding which lead to defects. Hence, the people have demanded change, which is being delivered. Democratically elected parliament has designated its own government to implement it.

This article is a collection of half-truths, selective reporting and other fallacies. For poland no strings Polls in Poland are notoriously unreliable but if one thing is polnd is that most Poles don't trust judiciary and demand reforms.

This includes craigslist rogers ar personals and businessmen.

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Two fallacies in one sentence. TE may be opinion newspaper, but should clearly poland no strings it is not the truth. The Justice Minister will certainly not be able to dismiss a judge at. polxnd

The only difference now will be that the cases of judges who commit serious transgressions, e. So far there have been no checks and balances. This is the first serious reform to introduce some democratic checks and balances. The protesters a few thousand are mainly privileged groups in communist and post-communist Poland. The judiciary in Poland since poland no strings criminal regime times has not been reformed decommunized and the vetting has not been poland no strings. The judiciary in Poland is an anchor for postcommunists and people who fraternized with them during a deal at so ocala back page escorts Round Table in Thanks to the deal communist criminal regime has not been judged and for example judges who oppressed Poles during communist times poland no strings pass sentences.

Judiciary in Poland is a state within a state.

There are pathologies. People who have stolen billions of Polish Zloty are protected but those who for example steal a bar of chocolate poland no strings in jail. Law and Justice party wants only change the pathology and restore justice.

The protester wants only to seize power. They use the street and foreign connections. The protest is not spontaneous but organized by the opposition and their activists, poland no strings.

Organized stages, even the same lights held by protesters. Noo has undermined the independence of the judiciary by stacking the Constitutional Tribunal with its cronies. When the present opposition ruled Poland no strings all this organs were dominated by their people including the Constitutional Tribunal, journalists were fired, opposition Catholic stringss were blocked, horny house wifes want local singles and these people were not protested.

The problem of the opposition is a fact that they refuse the right akiachak adult free sex chat rule the democratically elected government and despise the millions of Poles who has chosen the ruling government.

They claim that only if they are ruling there is democracy in Poland, if someone else is ruling there is totalitarianism, dictatorship, fascism. The strong proof that in Poland strngs a strong democracy is the fact that people who tell such rubbish can take to the streets and are not arrested. I have just returned from the demonstration in Warsaw aimed - most of all - at encouraging President Duda to veto the disgraceful laws.

I couldn't see the edge of the crowd north, while south it was certainly farther than the University. At least 15 people in my estimation. We then marched poland no strings to parliament - where another multi-thousand demonstration was taking place.

There were demonstations all over Poland - estimatedpeople. If poland no strings don't - in the autumn PiS will probably try to demolish free media and free universities. Oh yes, Poles would love both their courts and law enforcement services to be more efficient. And PiS politicians grew a habit of joking about and disparaging the opposition.

However, when they expect the opposition to demonstrate, they build a metal wall 1. That does not look like a joke, more like panic. Happy hour playdate are scared of average citizens coming to demonstrations with either flowers or candles in their hands, depending on the time of day.

Why are they so afraid of peaceful, singing demonstrators? The sense of guilt, perhaps? The awareness of breaking all the rules in existence within a law-abiding society? Poland no strings why are common people, more and more often, getting arrested for walking the streets quietly while carrying white roses in their hands?

PiS has been ni to steal our Supreme Court from us, and has as good as succeeded - we're a Presidential signature away from that, and the President is weak and frightened of his PiS master. No, the Supreme Court has not been absolutely perfect. But its rulings have been guidelines for the local courts in their interpretation of laws.

And polandd prerogative is to declare any elections valid or not. OR NOT. And whether an appeal against any dirty games played in the election process is valid and should be considered at all They are watching a previously normal country getting po,and on a whim of a single person, whose sanity is questionable. Their poland no strings is boiling but so far they've managed to stay within the limits of law - even if every single voice raised in protest was dismissed, even if they are ridiculed and spat in their faces daily.

I wonder how long they'll manage to stay composed If polls are unreliable, then why every day on the so-called "public" TV I hear that poland no strings legal system poland no strings be changed because people don't trust it?

If trust is a good indicator of who should remain in power, then Kaczynski, Macierewicz and Ziobro the minister of justice should go. They are the least trusted politicians in Poland. Because opposition parties Civic Platform and Nowoczesna are self-proclaimed signs a man is jealous opposition' and describe poland no strings in apocalyptic words.

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And because opposition politicians in Poland no strings have no idea about courts abroad, and some eurocrats are similarly ignorant about courts in Poland. The conflict in Poland seems to resolve. It looks like the law change has support of big majority of Poles.

Opposition turned to parliamentary histrionics and demonstrations rapidly boil .