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Sitting in my car ebony women off

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The scary black man is leaving his business cards. Phillips said he had wanted to leave at one point, but said that may have made him look guilty so he stayed until officers arrived.

The Long Beach Police Department did not file an incident report and acknowledged no crime was committed. Still, the police department said that the woman did the right thing by calling them, encouraging others to say something if they see.

The A. Filed to: Confused, Mr. Lewis said he told her no, and she insisted on getting his license plate number before driving away, only to stop within sight. Lewis said he drove to a nearby gas station, where she followed.

Instead of taking the children home, he drove them to his house, where he knew people would be outside. Lewis continued to record as a police car pulled up, and the officer asked him what was going on.

The confrontation ended without issue, with the officer seemingly convinced that the children — who offered similar explanations for what occurred — were fine, but he asked if he could check in with their parents, Mr. Lewis said.

Parker and his wife, Dana Mango, were at dinner when they received the call, and his wife had to be convinced that it was not a prank, he said. Lewis meetup tacoma singles a family friend and well sigting in the community for working with children, Mr.

Parker said that he wanted to give the woman the benefit of doubt, but that his children were having a good time with Mr. Lewis, and they were not in any apparent danger.

Another police officer approached the scene as Dean continued to ask which crime he committed. The officers asked for identification, but Dean suggested that the police officer could be fake.

According to RTV6, Dean was charged hot bikini asian resisting arrest and refusing to show identity.

Reynolds is a reserve officer who owns a security company.