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Snuggle with me not sex just cuddling I Am Searching Men

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Snuggle with me not sex just cuddling

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Hot latino looking for love m4w Im looking for that snuggle lady that's not afraid to get wild. Do you have nice strong muscular arms. I like being around people not large crowds but in a more interment setting I guess.

Age: 32
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Look For Sexual Partners
City: New York, NY
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Want To Eat Some Hot Pussy

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What does this tell us girls?

If this study is correct, then intimacy means a lot more to men than they have traditionally let on. Unfortunately, however, holding out in the intimacy department actually leads to less relationship fulfillment. As sex becomes routine, couples admit to simply cucdling in on what they see as the important hardware for sex read: Whether intimacy dies because there is a lack of deep kissing or whether old men women that the death of intimacy means that snuggle with me not sex just cuddling no longer want to kiss and cuddle, this study confirms that relationships that are satisfying do thrive on something more than cudling straight-up sex.

What was even more astounding was that this cuddly stuff was more predictive of male happiness than it was of female happiness in relationships. We women have been conditioned into seeing ourselves as soft, mushy, emotional and in need of lots of non-sexual affirmation; that is, hugging and the like.

As we women grow older, we come into our own sexually. Men on the other hand, tend to peak in their early 20s.

I honestly believe that this seesaw effect is genetically engineered to allow us to get on with other aspects of our lives; imagine how the world just might stand still if men and women both peaked at the same time; nothing else would ever get done; balance is always good. Women, on the other hand, as their relationships lengthen, experience a greater yearning for hot, steamy sex with the one man to snuggle with me not sex just cuddling they are committed.

These male-female differences in need, are in fact complementary and represent a wonderful dove-tailing of cuddly warmth and hot passion. Guys are a lot more than automatic sex machines.

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