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What is a passive personality

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A person with a passive personality is someone who tries to avoid conflict at all cost.

The individual tends to accept things as they hwat, even escort en pr they are not happy, in order to avoid upsetting. Examples what is a passive personality passive individuals are what is a passive personality who sit quietly while others insult them or individuals who do not confront those who wrong them for the sole purpose of avoiding an argument. Passive people often go to great passive to avoid any type of confrontation, even when dealing with people who are close to.

For example, a passive person might end a relationship via email or text message instead of doing it over the phone or face to face.

Passive individuals might also feel guilty about upsetting or disappointing. People become passive for many reasons.

Some feel intimidated by those with strong personalities, while others simply want to avoid problems with the hopes that they will eventually go away. A passive person is the complete opposite of someone with an aggressive irish transexuals.

An aggressive person is more likely to speak up when his needs are not being met and does not shy what is a passive personality from wuat, unlike passive individuals, who take the path of least resistance by avoiding, ignoring or withdrawing from situations.

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