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Wife ass story

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Maybe you need some help with that. I wife ass story still on my back, getting a good boob massage from Rishi, looking at the Doctor as he got naked. He removed everything and wife ass story in front of. I took his penis in my hands and started shagging it. Rishi was now biting my nipples. Literotica - Indian sex stories. I was shocked. I tried to stop. There is no iframe support. Pages 1 2.

Horny, I suddenly gripped her hard and we pashed, our faces, boobs and tongues now locked in a full, open mouth kiss in front of the men. I glanced sideways and noticed Steve, Al and Chas were all watching intently as we tongue kissed standing on the coffee table wife ass story front of. I loved free 100 percent dating site I was making three dicks hard, and the thought of what was to come spurred me on in my love making with my best friend Georgie.

After several minutes of tongue twisted kissing, I lowered my head to her breasts, confined in the tight, stretchy material of the teddy. I bit down on the strap on her right shoulder, and released her boob from its confines. Then, in an effort to further excite the three cocks sitting nearby, I lapped at her nipple with my wife ass story, like a puppy licking from a bowl.

Georgie moaned and threw her head back, her nipple rapidly stiffening as Wife ass story tongued it time and time.

I thrived on the effect my tongue was having, and delighted when I felt wife ass story hand drop to my pussy and find my clit inside the material of my own teddy. I parted my legs slightly, allowing her better access to my clit. It also meant I was able to push against her fingers with my hips, grinding wife ass story love button against her flickering fingers, increasing my arousal rapidly.

As my pleasure increased I glanced once more at the men and realised they were each releasing their cocks from their trousers. I recognised them all. Steve, my husband, eight inches and very thick, perfect for fucking, but hard to deep throat and rather awkward to comfortably take in the ass.

His was about seven inches long, narrow in the shaft with a mushroom type head, perfect for anal sex. Many wife ass story I had used these date in australia now tools to double fuck myself to mind blowing orgasms.

Then there sgory Al. He was the surprise package wife ass story them all. My chubby former boss and business partner, now retired and punchy in the belly, possessed a wonderful love making weapon.

My wife of five years never fails to surprise me. She is, by far, the My wife groaned her pleasure and pushed her ass back towards me. Pushing Report Story. Our sex life is so rich, we make love twice a day, some times more, oral sex is one of my wife's favorite, she loves cock sucking, ass licking and. He listened intently as she told him about her husband's reluctance to stuff his dick up her ass and the poor young man just sat there with his mouth open.

It was all of nine inches long, and quite thick too, and managed to touch me in places neither Steve or Chas were capable of.

How about concentrating on the task at hand?

I smiled back at my girlfriend, and lowered her to the wlfe, where we locked in a furious 69 in front of the men. I lapped at the clitoris I knew so well, wife ass story Georgie pushed her finger inside me as her tongue hit my clit and began to flicker back and forth across the trigger for my climax that was rapidly developing.

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It was Al. The sudden mouthing of my nipple crashed me over the edge and Georgie and I both started to cum.

wife ass story On my tongue I felt the sudden shaking and quivering of her orgasm, just as my own wifs my boobs shake and my head thrash a little. Then he pulled. He left the apartment. More cuckold stories you might enjoy. This morning, lying discarded,… Read Story. Jennifer is going with Bradley,… Read Story. It wife ass story have been easier… Read Story.

Wife ass story I Look Nsa

After my little chat with… Read Story. One evening I came home from… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

Get your erotica book featured syory. Juicy Sex Books. My little wife ass story.

Wife ass story

Slept. I wish he. After she got dressed up, we went to the restaurant, and had a few drinks while eating our dinner. After finishing our meal, I ask if she wanted to stop by a nightclub that a friend of wife ass story owned.

While at the club, we stairs doing shots while shooting pool. Wife ass story she would be shooting a shot, her low cut blouse would hang open, and wife ass story me and others to get a san easy sex hottie of her large breasts.

There were some college boys hanging around the pool table, and one of them said he would buy her a shot if she would flash us her tits.

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By this time she was pretty buzzed, so she just took off her shirt, and walked around topless. Aas boobs were still quite large from having her daughter, so they were a nice lds singles ward san francisco to see.

When we decided to head back to her place, she didn't even put her blouse back on, and even let one of wife ass story college guys suck on her nipple out wife ass story the parking lot.