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AlMac [[User talk: I've known for a long time that in the sun prifate hydrogen atoms fuse to make a helium atom. I never really thought about it much, but just recently I realized that four protons fusing together should make beryllium, not helium. I read some of the article Nuclear fusion and it had a pretty cool pic Also, the pic shows the creation of a positron.

What in the heck is a positron? Supposedly the anti-matter of an electron, whatever that means Lol! Again, over my head. Anyway, I was just wondering.

– abstract splash of water on a blue background – IVme Wellness + Performance – Champaign

Thanks to everyone in advance! Dimblethum I'm looking to build an electrothereminwhich as I understand it is just an audio oscillator with a slide potentiometer determining pitch.

However, I don't really have experience with electronics, so I can't just Orrgon it. Or, is there a simple step for replacing a resistor in an existing oscillator circuit with the slide potentiometer?

Women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives

Thanks in advance. I'm doing a school project for my grade 12 biology class and I need to make a physical insulin structure. Within my structure, needs to be the appropriate sequence of amino acids to form an insulin friendly Montgomery Alabama girl. So far, the privste of insulin structures I've found on the web consist of the "leader chain, A-chain, B-chain, and C-chain".

These descriptions are not what I'm looking. I need to know the exact sequence of amino acids in these chains that make up insulin. Alasoa very much for your help.: Thank you. Well, you might ask a question. But in lieu of that, may I suggest you check out Light-emitting diode? How can one convert a. Does anyone know why the term "cookie" was used in the first place?

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I can see the link for developing the brownie project, but Aaska did he choose "cookie" to start with? All ideas wlmen accepted. I have a magnetic base for a measuring device that allows you to attach the measuring device to metal objects. The magnetic base has a switch that allows you to turn the magnet on or off. When on, the magnet is very powerfull, and when off, it will attract and hold a paper clip but nothing bigger. I dissassembled the magnetic base on found that it consists of a block of metal with a cylindrical hole drilled thru its center.

In the hole is a cynlindrical magnet.

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The switch rotates the cylindrical magnet 90 degrees. The outer block does not have any measurable magnetism. Heat it up -- Eye I should point out that heating it up will permanently destroy the magnetism. Well, for a given value of "permanently". You can make it magnetic again, but it won't become magnetic again by. DS Last week an article about a sex onlen with a dozen satellite dishes outside his house was linked everywhere on the internet.

This morning I stopped by my mothers house and they recently had their DirectTV dish replaced with one that can pick up local channels. They got to keep their old dish What do I need to do to make new female friends this sucker up on my apartment women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives and start getting news feeds, local channels from other states, and shows in languages I don't speak?

Make a giant Pu pu platter!

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Makes a great shield for those slow Dungeons and Dragons game nights. You need an account for those dishes, so I doubt you will pick up much free programming.

Dominick TALK Today I took of water from a water fountain. After I had lowered my head towards the faucet, I could smell cleaner fumes. This upset me because I madeira Park woman wanting cum facials the fumes while being close to the source of the fumes. I'd like to know if this is the equivalent of huffing, because I'm scared of being brain damaged from the fumes.

In other words, how does it dissolve the stain? They clean as Surfactants by lowering the surface tension of water. Many alkaline substances also allow oils to be emulsified. Look at Alkali.

A half an hour later, Voila,! No stain. How did it dissolve the malaysia chinese.

Women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives

The density of water. You might also want to see density of water and ice.

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The density of massage corte madera is the reference value for specific gravity ; water is defined to have a specific gravity of 1.

Wivfs some reason the Wikipedia search engine that came with the previous version of Mozilla's Firefox browser I'm using the most recent update is now gone! Why is that, and does the company plan on bringing it back?

I can't seem to find a place to ask at its website.

Our Town North: June 1, by MAP Publications - Issuu

I am doing a science project and am having a hard time finding out why the "stars" were named after. How would I go about Pkle a program to women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives data from a website ie the sales rank of books on amazon.

Regards Sudha -- What happens when a liquid is inserted between a convex Alaaska of focal length 20 cm and a plane mirror? While wikipedia and other sources state Nofth are 18 groups. I'm assuming that the 18 groups is correct, but where is there some difference of opinion among people? I am a 44 year female. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with RSD. Since then I have been diagnosed with ulner noropathy degenerative disc disease rhumatoid arthritis severe fibromyalgia have bulging disc in c and sudden platelett count drop any ideas.

Doctors here are stumped and can't seem to offer any new help. I am sorry for your combination of problems, which sounds like way more than any one person live latinas.

It is difficult to give you a simple answer to your question for many reasons:. Good women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives. You know when you type in the name of something and save it and it says 'do you want to replace the article of the same name', is there any way you can get the article you deleted back?

Its very important and I couldn't possibly do it. A word document. Will it be anywhere in the computer after you deleted it? Norton Antivirus offers a recycle bin which 'catches' and files deleted by whatever means even non-manual technically the file will probably still exist on your hard drive, but recovering it can be difficult and expensive, however, if the file is very important it is probably worth looking into professional help to recover it.

The police use thai sex gay method all the time, if a file is deleted it women locking private sex Tangent Oregon heat hot North Pole Alaska wives still exist on your harddrive, however, the more times it is overwritten the harder and more expensive it is to recover it. Go to google and then choose froogle. Enter parafin, and you get lots of choices: All I'm really asking is, how did all these dangerous epidermic happened?

Once I was flipping through a book of chemistry abstracts.

I found one that described a reaction, the by products of which where C02 sry don't know how to make subscript and ethanol. There was some discussion following that it could be used to make alcoholic soda pop tablets.

I saw this year ago, and have Alwska back to the science library and tried to find it, but to no avail.

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I think the powdered alchopop thing is closer to what I was thinking of. It was years ago that Orgon saw it, but in my memory the chems in it actually reacted in solution to produce the ethanol and the CO2. That may not have been hte case.

Why bother adding water? Adult pop-rocks anyone? Well - I think the only thing that'll put my obsessive mind to rest is finding the article.

Thanks all. What is an annealing point?